Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (2023)

Downloading private movies might get you a penalty. Here is a list of top sites to binge-watch Bollywood movies for free and legally.

Compared to other entertainment industries globally in terms of the number of released movies, Bollywood takes the first place. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that most Indians are movie lovers. While some like to watch movies on television and in theaters, others prefer free online Hindi movies sites.

But not all of the content is legal as most of them are pirated using torrents. Downloading private movies might seem to be a convenient choice but you can receive a penalty for doing so. Besides, there’s a risk that your computer might be infected with malware trying to stream or download movies from such websites. Here is a list of free online Hindi movie streaming sites.

1. Hotstar - The best free online Hindi movies sites

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (1)

For movie Bollywood enthusiasts, Hotstar is such a godsend to watch Hindi movies online free streaming. The best thing about this website, you don’t even have to sign up and all of its content is absolutely legal. All thumbnails that don’t contain the word “Premium”, they are free. The movie collection is great with a lot of new movies.

Besides free online Hindi movies sites, you also get to watch movies in 8 different languages. There are other sections including TV series, news, and sports as well. Content from the TV series section is from 30 channels of Star India. If you are a sports lover, there are some available games including tennis, football, and cricket, etc.

If you want to have an experience that is uninterrupted and ad-free, you can subscribe to get a Hotstar Premium account for Rs. 199 per month or Rs. 999 per year.

Why choose Hotstar?

  • It has the largest collection of free online Hindi movies sites.
  • It offers good streaming speed and video quality.
  • Android and iOS apps are available.

2. Voot - A free online Hindi movies sites with a great collection

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (2)

The next best candidate for free online movie streaming sites Hindi is undoubtedly Voot with movies not only in Hindi but also in English, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannad. You don’t have to worry about the website’s legality as it belongs to Viacom 18 Digital Ventures. You can watch a great collection of old as well as new sites to watch Hindi movies online.

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Superhit movies including Bajirao Mastani, Ghajini, Cocktail, Gangs of Wasseypur, etc can be found on the website. The search bar works really well. You won’t have any trouble finding your favorite movies. Besides the best site to watch Bollywood movies online free, you can also watch short films, news, TV shows on your mobile phone, tablet, PV, and Fire TV. Voot’s content is completely free. The only downside is ads are available. All you have to do is to sign up. Besides, you haveRaazi full movie watch online on Voot.

Why choose Voot?

  • Huge movie collection.
  • Can be streamed on multiple devices. - No fee.

3. SonyLiv -Simple and clean interfacefree online Hindi movies sites

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (3)

SonyLive is a Hindi movies online stream free service from Sony. The site itself contents a more diverse library of content than some of the Indian TV channels. You can watch both free and premium content. The website has a pretty clean interface. The paid content is labeled as premium so that you can sort out free movies.

The content is divided into different categories including Trending, Hindi, Drama, South Indian, Comedy, Action, Romantic, etc. If you’re only there to watch free content, there’s no need to sign up. But if you want to watch movies that are labeled as premium, you can pay a subscription fee of Rs 99 a month or Rs 499 a year.

Why choose SonyLiv?

  • Simple and clean interface.
  • No sign up is required.
  • You get more benefits if you paid for a premium subscription.

4. Zee5 - Different regional languages for Hindi movie lovers

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (4)

Zee5 is the next best site to watch Bollywood movies online free. It houses a great collection of movies. Those without a “Premium” label are completely free.

Both old as well as new superhit movies such as Omkara, Tanu Weds Manu, Golmaal, etc. are available on the website.

Besides Hindi, movies are also offered in other regional languages as well. You can also watch short videos, news, and TV shows. The interface of the site is pretty neat. It also provides good streaming speed even when your internet connection is low.

Premium membership is available with different plans ranging from INR 49 to INR 999.

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Why choose Zee5?

  • Well-divided and clean interface.
  • Both new and old Bollywood movies are available.
  • No sign-up is required.

5. YouTube - Many channels to choose from

While some YouTube channels let you freely stream hindi movies online free, most of them are illegal. We list out below some of the channels streaming their copyrighted content for free and legally.


Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (5)

Rajshri Production Films is famous among other Bollywood productions which released many superhit films such as Hum Saath Saath Hain. Most of the movies on the channel are old Hindi ones but they’re still worth watching. On the channel, there are also music videos as well as best movie scenes from those movies.

Shemaroo Movies

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (6)

This is another channel where you can freely and legally watch free online Hindi movies. Similar to Rajshiri Productions, you can watch their copyrighted content without any fee. Films like Bhagam Bhaag and Amar Akbar Anthony are available.

6. Bigflix - Unlimited Hindi movies

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (7)

This service is owned by Reliance BIG Entertainment with which you can legally watch online Hindi movies free. However, it is not completely free as you only have one month of free trial to watch videos and movies. After the trial period ends, you can subscribe to become a monthly subscriber to watch unlimited movies or you can choose to pay for individual movies. The movie collection is huge with many regional Indian languages available including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi. Users can stream the service on phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

For ad-free HD content, users can choose between a monthly premium subscription which costs Rs. 50 or a yearly one which costs Rs. 500.

Why choose Bigflix?

  • You get to watch HD quality movies.
  • You can pay for each movie.

7. Hungama Movies - Fast streaming and great quality

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (8)

At Hungama Movies, you get to watch a movie’s first 10 minutes for free. After that, you will receive an option to pay for a subscription to watch the entire movie. Users are also offered a 30-day trial. But at the moment, only app users get to receive this option. During the trial time, everything is free. You can watch Hindi movies or download them for later.

Hungama has a great movie collection, from classics to newly-released movies. Additionally, the site also offers 3.5 million songs which you can listen to at HD quality. If you want a watching experience that is ad-free and unlimited, you can go for their paid plans.

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The website’s premium subscription starts at Rs. 199 a month. Other combo plans are also available, which you can visit the website to check out.

Why choose Hungama Movies?

  • Fast streaming
  • Great video quality

8. YuppFlix - Support for multiple devices

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (9)

On YuppFlix, you can find not only Hine movies but English, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu films as well. The service is from Yupp TV who is known for being live TV channel services provider for India as well as other countries across the world. Android and iOS apps are also available if you prefer to watch movies on your smartphones and tablets.

Users from countries excluding the Middle East and Malaysia get a 13-day trial. Unfortunately, users from the two countries mentioned above only receive a 3-day trial. For those having an interest in the service’s premium subscription, you can pay Rs. 500 a month to get one. The subscription covers 1 web browser, 2 smartphones, and 4 smart TVs. This is a great online Hindi movie streaming platform.

Why choose YuppFlix?

  • Multiple devices support.
  • Great Hindi movie collection.

9. Netflix - Good streaming speed and quality

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (10)

The list would be incomplete if Netflix is not included. Although the platform only houses an extremely limited collection of Hindi movies (less than 5%), it is still worth an investment. With Netflix, you are guaranteed to have a huge collection of TV series, short films, and movies available in multiple languages as well as Netflix-owned original content.

The site offers new users one month of free trial after which you can choose between its three subscription plans. You can either go for a basic plan which costs Rs. 500 a month, a Standard plan which costs Rs. 650 a month, and a Premium plan which costs Rs 800 a month. Some internet and telecom companies in the country including Airtel also offer up to 3 months of free Netflix subscriptions.

Why choose Netflix?

  • Limited but with great quality Bollywood movies collection.
  • Good streaming speed and video quality.

10. Amazon Prime Video - Inclusion of new Hindi movies

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (11)

We have already talked about Netflix. Let’s not forget its rival, Amazon Prime Video. Compared to Netflix, the service from Amazon houses more content at a cheaper price. Newly-released movies such as Raazi or Indian artists’ stand-up comedies are also available. There is also home-grown content for a wider selection.

On Amazon Prime Video, you get a free trial period of 30 days after which you can go for an annual subscription plan of Rs. 999 a year or a monthly plan of Rs. 129 per month.

(Video) Dhruva | Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Hindi Movies | Arvind Swamy | Ram Charan | Rakul Preet Singh

The great thing about Amazon Prime membership is that you can also access Prime Music and Prime Delivery offered by Amazon.

Why choose Amazon Prime Video?

  • You get access to new movies, videos, and songs.
  • You can also use Prime Music and Prime Delivery as parts of the subscription plan.

11. Tubi TV -Good streaming speed and video quality

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (12)

Tubi TV offers a broad collection of TV shows and movies, making it a good choice to watch Bollywood movies online. The content is a great combination of new and old movies.

You can find almost everything here. However, it doesn’t have as much as Bollywood content as other websites. The site is available on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and many more.

Tubi TV has an aesthetically-pleasing dark theme and one of the best media players for movie streaming sites.

Subtitles are available for all the videos. You can also rewind or forward the videos by 30 seconds. The video quality can be adjusted and the streaming rate of the videos are pretty decent.

Why choose Tubi TV?

  • Aesthetically-pleasing dark theme.
  • Good streaming speed and video quality.

12. Vudu -Great Hindi movies collection, from old to new ones

Best Free Online Hindi Movies Sites in 2020 For Indians (13)

Vudu is a movie rental site but movies can also be streamed for free. A free section is available; however, there is one downside. There are ads appearing in between.

If you are fine with ads, Vudu is a great choice as its content is free and the video quality is good. Sign up and you are ready.

(Video) 2022 New Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Action Movie | New South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2022 Full

The site’s collection of free TV shows and movies is great. The content is divided into different categories including Comedy Clubs, Drama, Cartoons and Anime. The TV shows and movies are categorized based on their genres like crime, romance, action, etc.

You can find a lot of popular movies on Vudu, from old to new ones.

Why choose Vudu?

  • Great movie collection, from old to new ones.
  • Movies and TV shows are well-categorized.

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