Does Walmart Hire Felons? (2022 Facts) (2022)

Does Walmart hire felons? Does Walmart hire felons? Does Walmart perform background checks? Are there entry-level jobs for felons at Walmart? If you have a criminal history, this question may be troubling you. However, there are ways to get a job at a Walmart store with a criminal history.

Does Walmart hire felons?

Yes. Walmart does hire felons.

Many felons seek new employment opportunities after serving their sentence. A felony charge does not automatically disqualify you from applying for jobs at Walmart.

Just be honest and disclose all information to the hiring manager. Walmart hires people with a variety of backgrounds and is a great place to start a fresh life.

Be aware that you must pass a background check and drug test before being hired. There are also other steps you should take before applying for a job at Walmart.

For those who have a criminal history, applying to Walmart should be a last resort. This retail giant is a strong supporter of the Ban the Box list, and it supports the Sporting Chance Organization Pledge.

While Walmart does not use fast background checks, it does still consider skills, honesty, and other aspects of a candidate.

However, it is worth noting that it does not hire felons convicted of a felony, including domestic violence. Whether or not a felony conviction affects your ability to work for the company is a matter of personal choice.

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Does Walmart perform background checks?

Yes. Walmart does perform background checks. The application will not ask you if you are a felon, but you need to be completely honest. For example, you might have a criminal record for a drug-related offense.

Standard policy to perform background checks

Fortunately, there are some ways to circumvent the risk of getting hired as a felon by avoiding the problem entirely. Walmart conducts background checks on prospective employees and looks for a complete application. Criminal records are usually reported on background checks for at least seven years, but employers can look further back.

Many employers check five to ten years' worth of history before hiring an applicant. And even if a job applicant has a felony record, Walmart will take the time to investigate this information before deciding on his or her application.

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Entry-level jobs for felons at Walmart

Though Walmart hires felons, you must understand that some felons are not eligible to work in management roles. You might have to start from the bottom of the employment ladder if you have a felony. These jobs might be as low-level as night stock or assistant store associates.

How to apply to an entry-level job at Walmart

While applying for an entry-level job at Walmart, you must be honest and not lie about your past conviction. The company will surely know that you've served your time. However, you can try to explain how you've changed your life since committing the crime.

If possible, you can talk about how you went back to school or took a course. You can also talk about how you've learned from your past and refocused your efforts. Despite your past, you can land your dream job at Walmart.

To get a Walmart job, you'll have to submit a background check. Walmart will review your criminal record, driving record, and financial records.

Walmart does not hire felons for entry-level positions. If you're fired for lying about your felony, you'll never get a second chance with the company. However, if you're honest and tell the truth about your history, you'll probably get a second chance.

Does Walmart hire people with misdemeanors?

Walmart is not obligated to hire people with misdemeanors, although people who have a history of violent crime may find it difficult to find employment with the retail giant. They've been known to hire those who have criminal histories.

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How do they check if you have a misdemeanor?

The company performs background checks on prospective employees, which go back seven years. Walmart's background checks are not exhaustive, and you may encounter a misdemeanor when you go for a job interview.

While you can still get a job at Walmart despite a felony, you're not likely to get the higher-level positions you're looking for. If you have a misdemeanor conviction that was seven years ago, Walmart might be more open to hiring you.

If you were recently involved in drugs, however, Walmart may be reluctant to hire you. If this is the case, make sure you explain your mistake in a job interview.

Is Walmart on the Ban the Box List?

If you're looking for a job, but are unsure if you're a good fit for the company, you may want to know if Walmart is on the ban the box list. The ban has a variety of consequences, and if you don't know what ban the box is, you may be unaware of its benefits.

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Walmart is one of the leading companies in hiring former inmates.

Past criminal history and the hiring process

While most companies are forbidden from discriminating on the basis of race, religion, and age, Walmart is not prohibited from screening its applicants for criminal convictions. However, they can deny employment based on the information they find in the background check.

While a conviction won't necessarily disqualify you from employment, it's a good idea to be honest about any previous convictions. However, if you're applying for a management position, you'll want to check this information.

As more states ban the box list questions, more employers are adopting them. California, for example, recently passed an ordinance prohibiting landlords from asking potential tenants about their criminal history.

Those who violate the ordinance face civil penalties. In addition to the federal ban on the box, some state-level laws also prohibit the use of criminal conviction questions in employment applications. It's unclear whether these laws will be enacted before then.

Does Walmart have special programs for felons?

Does Walmart have special programs for felons to hire them? Yes, but not all felons are eligible for these positions.

The application process does not ask for prior convictions or criminal records. If you are a violent offender or convicted of fraud, Walmart is not likely to hire you.

Applicants with criminal records are usually not eligible to apply for managerial positions. But that doesn't mean they can't get an interview. You just have to tell them the truth.

Walmart evaluates applicants based on their skillset, not on their criminal record. In some cases, felons may qualify for positions such as department work, janitorial work, stocking shelves, or cart pushing.

How to get hired at Walmart with a felony

If you have a felony, the best way to get hired at Walmart is to be honest and upfront with the hiring manager. Walmart background checks reveal everything, including your criminal record and financial records.

Nonetheless, you can apply for any job with a felony as long as you explain what happened during your past. During your interview, be honest about the reason for your conviction and show them you have changed your circumstances.

Many employers do not hire felons, but Walmart does. Felony arrests and convictions are reported for seven years after they are completed.

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Walmart is also a strong supporter of Ban the Box and the Sporting Chance Organization Pledge, which encourage employers to check the past five to ten years of employment histories. Walmart does hire felons, but it does not specifically ask for a criminal history on the application.

There are some ways to overcome this problem. Walmart is willing to hire felons, but they are more likely to reject felons with violent and theft-related convictions. While Walmart will hire felons, they will most likely have a harder time getting promotions than those with other types of convictions.

The best way to increase your chances of getting hired at Walmart is to seek assistance from organizations that help ex-felons find work. Social services centers are also a great resource.

Does Walmart drug test?

If you've ever been arrested or convicted of a felony, you may be wondering if Walmart drug tests felons when hiring. The answer is that it does, and it is part of the process.

Most retail jobs require manual labor, strength, and a high level of hygiene. However, there are some positions where Walmart may not consider felons for employment.

Do they run a background check along with the drug test?

Before hiring, Walmart runs a background check on every potential employee. The company conducts two rounds of interviews. After the first interview, they conduct a drug test and run a criminal background check.

Results of the drug test are usually returned within one to two business days. However, if the drug test is positive, Walmart may terminate the job offer.

Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers.

Will Walmart hire felons with all types of offenses?

It depends on which category you fall under. For example, violent and sexual felons are generally excluded from the hiring process, and applicants will still have to complete an application and take an assessment test.

What is the average salary of a convicted felon at Walmart?

The average salary is anywhere from $18,000 to $24,000 per year.

What is the purpose of the background check?

The employer examines the candidate's prior legal troubles and the nature of the offenses using the information gathered during the background check.

With a felony on your record, you may work at Walmart.

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However, hiring managers will make a judgment about a candidate's moral beliefs, capacity to be honest, work hard, communicate appropriately with customers, keep out of trouble, make wise judgments, and obey the rules based on this information.

What would the background check reveal about my past?

It will show you all of your convictions as well as your non-convictions. It will also contain instances that were dismissed without being prosecuted. Financial information (credit score, credit card bills, loan defaults, and so on), driving record, and educational background will all be included.

Walmart will not have access to your criminal history if you get your record wiped.

How long does it take for the background check to come back?

A basic background check might take anywhere from three to seven days. An FBI background check can take up to 30 days, although Walmart seldom does them. As a result, the recruiting manager's response time might be as lengthy as 1-2 weeks.

Can the background check go 7-years or more?

Companies are authorized to seek a seven-year criminal background in most states. However, some jurisdictions enable a potential employer to search back up to ten years.

While this may seem frightening, you must still apply for employment and hope that the hiring manager recognizes your abilities and willingness to work hard. Find out how extensive a background check is in your area.

Who does the background investigation?

At the moment, Walmart has collaborated with, a leading and thorough criminal record search and screening tool for big employers.

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Does Walmart hire felons in California? ›

Walmart does not hire people with a felony.

Does Walmart hire felons near Illinois? ›

Walmart does hire felons. Many felons seek new employment opportunities after serving their sentence. A felony charge does not automatically disqualify you from applying for jobs at Walmart. Just be honest and disclose all information to the hiring manager.

Does Walmart hire felons in Missouri? ›

Relaunch Pad contacted Walmart to get this official response: “We hire felons as long as their timeline of conviction has fallen off. There are no questions about convictions on the application but we ask about convictions on background checks. Background checks are done on new hires, right before the job offer.

Does Walmart hire ex cons? ›

Yes, Walmart does hire felons. It is important to keep in mind that they will not hire all felons though. Walmart's application does not ask about criminal records or prior convictions. Your background check will not be completed until after your interview.

How long does Walmart background check take 2022? ›

A background check for Walmart typically takes five days but can take up to 30 days. Walmart conducts background checks on potential new hires to limit the risk to the company, its employees, and its customers.


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