How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time (2023)

The question, how many internet browser sessions can you have open at one time, is common among internet users. When doing online research, you will find yourself opening several sessions.

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time (1)

Knowing your browser’s limit will help you get the most out of your PC. This post tells how many open tabs and browsing sessions a browser can handle simultaneously.


  • How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Open at One Time?
  • What Factors Determine the Number of Browser Sessions You Can Open?
    • – Browser Type
    • – Computer Hardware
    • – Internet Speed
  • How Many Tabs Can a Web Browser Handle at a Time?
    • – Google Chrome
    • – Internet Explorer
    • – Microsoft Edge
    • – Firefox
    • – Safari
  • How Many Browsers Can I Open at a Go on My PC?
  • Which Is the Most Memory Intensive Browser?
  • Is Chrome the Fastest Browser as Compared to Others?
  • Conclusion

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Open at One Time?

There is no specified number of sessions you can run on browsers at a time, as the number depends on your PC hardware and browser type. Theoretically, you can run an unlimited number of sessions. However, your computer may struggle when you hit more than 50 sessions in practice.

Before you think of running several sessions on your browsers on your computer, it is important to check the operating system requirements. Typically, operating systems specify the limit of sessions regardless of your browser type.

For example, Windows XP is not a server operating system. Therefore, it limits the number of concurrent connections to 10.

What Factors Determine the Number of Browser Sessions You Can Open?

Operating system, browser type, internet speed, and computer hardware are major factors determining the number of browser sessions you can open simultaneously.

Each session takes up memory, network bandwidth, and CPU resources. So, when you open multiple sessions, your computer will slow down enough to make it impractical to proceed.

In some cases, the system may shut down as well.

– Browser Type

It is worth pointing out that you cannot run every browser on every computer operating system. Chrome is the most popular operating system, and it can run on a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system successfully. However, you cannot run Edge or Internet Explorer (IE) on anything but a Windows computer.

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– Computer Hardware

Your computer’s hardware is critical in determining its performance when browsing. The size of RAM and processor significantly influences how your system behaves when you run several sessions.

As stated earlier, each session takes a chunk of processing power and memory from your computer. So, running several sessions is nearly impossible if you have little memory and mediocre processing power.

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time (2)

You may be restricted to a few tabs on a single browser. Furthermore, your system slows down significantly if you try to open more than two browsers.

However, processors with multithreading capabilities (Multi-Threaded Processors) alongside massive RAM size (16GB) can handle several tabs on up to three different browsers. Multithreading divides up work for simultaneous processing.

Rather than giving a large workload to one core, threaded applications split the work into multiple software threads. Different CPU cores process the different threads in parallel to save time.

– Internet Speed

When you load a single tab, your website browser will load it quickly. However, the browser will start slowing down when you increase the number of tabs. Although the browser takes a long time to load the pages, the multiple pages do not slow down the connection. It is more of an issue with your PC hardware and what is on the tab.

The reason for this is tied to the fact that each session consumes your PC hardware and RAM. So, if you have a slow speed, ask yourself, how many tabs do I have open?

Suppose the above factors do not limit your computer; you may face another issue. Each outgoing request specifies a unique incoming “port number,” maxing at 65535, while the lower limit is about 1024. So, the maximum number of concurrent requests is over 60000.

How Many Tabs Can a Web Browser Handle at a Time?

The number of tabs, windows, and sessions a browser can support at a time varies with the browser type. For instance, IE can manage up to six different browser sessions simultaneously with only two processes running in the background, while Chrome can support 50+ tabs.

However, these figures don’t account for the bandwidth and other applications running on your system.

Let’s look at the number of tabs each major browser can support.

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– Google Chrome

Chrome does not specify the number of tabs you can run simultaneously. That means that you can enjoy free browsing without concerns. However, opening multiple tabs will hurt the performance. So, worry about how much your computer and internet can handle without slowing down or crashing your system.

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time (3)

Generally, when you have about 10–20 tabs open in a single window running simultaneously, you will not experience noticeable slowdowns in speed and responsiveness. 10-20 tabs are the average number of tabs most people use.

– Internet Explorer

IE version 10 has a limitation of 10 tabs at a time. So, if you exceeded this number, your system would significantly slow down and eventually stop. However, this issue was rectified in IE version 11.

The IE11 allows users to run 100+ tabs per window. This figure surpasses Chrome’s ability in terms of the number of tabs it can keep open simultaneously.

IE 11 allocates memory to each tab, pausing the tabs that have not been used in a while. This feature prevents your PC from choking on resources, thus, functioning properly.

– Microsoft Edge

Edge does not specify the number of tabs you can open at a time. However, exceeding 50 browser tabs at any single time harms work productivity. For this reason, developers advise users not to exceed 50 tabs to prevent their computers from slowing down.

– Firefox

The latest Firefox Version, aka Firefox Quantum, can handle up to 100 tabs, according to Mozilla. Remember, Firefox keeps its memory usage to about 20MB, removing the risk of crashes and odd behavior.

But again, when you open more than 20, your system will experience some sluggishness.

– Safari

With the latest iOS 14, you can open up to 500 tabs with the Safari browser. This is a significant improvement from the previous cap of 30 tabs on iOS 10.

But when you exceed the 500 tab limit, your device will run out of memory and freeze or crash. Typically, your device will display an error message when you hit the 500 tab limit.

Note that Apple released Freeform, which is mostly confused as a browser. Freeform allows users to organize their content online easily. Freeform is an application that works on Windows and Mac OS and is supported by Chrome v90, Safari v14, Firefox v87, and MS Edge v89 browsers.

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How Many Browsers Can I Open at a Go on My PC?

You can open as many internet browsers as you want in one go on your PC, as there’s no restriction theoretically. However, the exact number of browsers you can open on your system depends on factors such as memory available, number of processor cores, and internet connection.

Also, the number of tabs and types of web pages you open on each browser plays a significant role. While some web pages are static, others have many ads, media, and changing content that automatically refreshes. But for the best experience, most OS support two to three browsers.

You can open IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge if your system supports them. If you run a Windows PC, it comes with an MS Edge browser. But the Windows Operating System supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and IE. So, if you have the above browsers on your PC, you can all run them.

Also, you can download and install the Apple Safari browser on your Windows 7, 10, and 11. Nonetheless, Apple no longer creates Safari for Windows OS. Therefore, the latest Safari versions (for macOS and iOS) are unavailable for Windows OS. But if you have macOS, you will run Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Which Is the Most Memory Intensive Browser?

Chrome is the most memory-intensive browser you can install on your PC. Although it is the most popular browser, it is also famous for its RAM-guzzling ability. If you habitually open several tabs at once, Chrome can seriously damage your PC’s efficiency.

Several tests show that opening 10 tabs on Chrome will consume almost 1 GB of RAM. If you increase the number of tabs beyond 10, memory use significantly increases. For instance, 20 tabs will consume 2+ GB of RAM.

Remember, Chrome is also not kind on CPU usage, making it more likely to hamper flawless workflow. If you open more than the tabs your system can handle on Chrome, it might cause your OS to crash. Despite the shortcoming, Chrome has a lot of benefits, including the Favorites tab.

What is the favorites tab used for? The Favorites tab is a great way of saving and organizing specific websites so you can revisit them repeatedly.

Another RAM-intensive browser is privacy-minded, Firefox. Despite its efficiency, 10 tabs can occupy up to 960MBs of memory while 20 tabs occupy up to 1.6GB. MS Edge uses the least RAM, with 10 tabs taking about 700MBs, which is a much lower value than other browsers.

Is Chrome the Fastest Browser as Compared to Others?

Yes, Chrome is the fastest browser on Microsoft Windows and the best alternative to Safari on macOS. A browser’s speed test looks at its ability to render visuals and execute web applications.

However, handling standard web applications is a crucial criterion, as that is what most web browsing activity consists of. Google services, widely utilized among internet users, run more smoothly on Chrome than on all other web browsers.

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time (4)

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Additionally, Chrome is compatible with several extensions that make for a more convenient browsing experience. While Chrome is the fastest and best browser, it is closely followed by MS Edge regarding speed and responsiveness.

You can perform tests on your browser to determine the speed. If you are wondering what browser am I using, go to Toolbar>Help or Settings>About.


We have explained the number of tabs and windows you can open on your PC concurrently.

Here are the highlights:

  • The number of tabs, browsing sessions, or windows depends on the performance of your PC, especially memory size and processing power.
  • While different browsers have a maximum number of tabs they can support, e.g., 500 for Safari, opening 20+ browsers can take a toll on your PC.
  • You can limit the number of opened tabs using extensions such as XTab on Chrome and Tab Session Manager on Firefox and Chrome.
  • You can install and use more than one browser on your system without experiencing issues.

Hopefully, you can handle different browsers and have enough tabs on each window you launch on your PC.



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Can you use more than one browser at a time? ›

Is it safe to run multiple browsers at the same time? Yes. All browsers act independently, allowing you to run multiple browsers at the same time.

Can I open 100 tabs in Chrome? ›

Google, well-known for hiding Easter eggs in its apps, has a little treat for those of us with an uncontrolled tab-opening habit. If you reach 100 tabs on the Chrome app, the tab count on the upper right becomes an adorable old school smiley—":)"—on iOS and ":D" on Android.

How do I have multiple browser sessions? ›

How to create multiple sessions?
  1. Use multiple browsers.
  2. Modify the conf file to create localhost1 and locaohost2.
  3. Store user information in the front-end HTTP Session with the user ID (unique) as the key, so that each time does not overwrite the last content.
Sep 27, 2021

Can I open 100 tabs at once? ›

Opening 100 tabs can put a serious load on your system or browser and could result in the browser freezing or your system slowing down. Remember that this is only diluting your browsing history, and not preventing sites from tracking you. This is both hypnotic and distracting!

What happens if you have 100 tabs? ›

More specifically, 100 of them open at the same time. Once you achieve the feat, the icon that should show the number of open windows will show a smiling face. While on iOS it should be like this “:D”, on Android it is a little more contained “;)”.

Can I have Google Chrome and Firefox at the same time? ›

Yes, you can run both Firefox and Chrome. However, one will need to be the default browser. For example, Windows will need to know what browser to use when opening links in programs. Certain programs may be coded to only use Internet Explorer, so it is a good idea to leave that installed.

How many concurrent requests can a web browser handle? ›

Most modern browsers allow six connections per domain. Most older browsers allow only two connections per domain. The HTTP 1.1 protocol states that single-user clients should not maintain more than two connections with any server or proxy. This is the reason for browser limits.

What happens if you open too many Chrome tabs? ›

Having too many tabs open takes up valuable system resources, which means your computer has to work harder. This can lead to slower performance and decreased battery life.

How many tabs will Chrome let you open? ›

You can open as many tabs as you want in Chrome.

What is the limit of tabs in Chrome? ›

The extension installs a button to the right of Chrome's URL bar. Click it and you can set the number of maximum tabs allowed; the default is 20.

Can one user have multiple sessions? ›

No, it is impossible to begin a new session with another session running.

What is a multi session browser? ›

A multi-session application is an application that allows multiple accounts to be signed-in from the same browser at the same time. The user can switch from one account to another seamlessly. Each account is independent from the rest and has access to different resources.

How do I use multiple Chrome sessions? ›

Chrome supports multiple user profiles, you can make use of this to have multiple browsing sessions. Click on the Chrome Menu (Mac users: Chrome-Preferences) → Click on Add New User.

What happens if you open 1000 tabs? ›

It appears that 1000 tabs doesn't have any effect on Chrome. Since they are empty tabs, only sixteen hundreds megabytes of RAM were used. Chrome itself is still working and responsive. So let's increase the number and run the test again.

Why do people have hundreds of tabs open? ›

According to Ellen Scott of Metro, it's a sort of multi-tasking called “task switching.” When we task switch, it's like “protection against boredom,” says Metro. We use multiple tabs to satiate all our different needs and whims, from everything like our more productive, work life to our need for fun.

What is the world record for most Google tabs open at once? ›

Mike Smith also holds the record for most Google Chrome tabs open at once: 2,610:… Why?!

Does having a lot of tabs open take up storage? ›

It begs the question: Does this constant backlog of tabs we leave open actually have an effect on the performance of browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox? In short, yes. All those tabs you leave open unfortunately take up resources not just for your browser, but for your entire device.

What is a normal amount of tabs? ›

You're fine. According to Lifehacker, the ideal number of tabs you should have open is nine.

What do you do if you have too many tabs? ›

If your main issue with too many tabs is that it's hurting your device's performance, there's an easy solution: tab suspension. Tab suspension renders your tabs essentially nonexistent from a memory perspective. They stay visible, but don't take up memory until you need them to.

How do I open two browsers side by side? ›

Snap windows using the mouse
  1. Click-and-drag on the top title bar of the first window, so your mouse pointer hits either the left or right side of your screen. Let go of the window when you see the window's outline resize to half of the screen.
  2. Choose the other window you want to view on the side of the first window.
Feb 7, 2022

How many Web browsers should I have? ›

For effective compartmentalization, you should download a minimum of two different browsers. One of these is to be used as a login-only browser, while others can be used for browsing. The login-only browser is used to log in to sites where your name and other personal information are required.

Which is the safest browser? ›

Secure Browsers
  • Firefox. Firefox is a robust browser when it comes to both privacy and security. ...
  • Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a very intuitive internet browser. ...
  • Chromium. Google Chromium is the open-source version of Google Chrome for people who want more control over their browser. ...
  • Brave. ...
  • Tor.

Why are people leaving Chrome? ›

People might have come to Chrome for speed, but if there's one reason they're leaving, it's because of privacy. Privacy experts have long warned that Chrome collects so much data on users that you'll be mindblown if you even had the smallest peek into its server data sets.

Why are people switching to Firefox? ›

Google's 3 billion Chrome users now have a reason to switch to Firefox, because the privacy-focused browser has just confirmed some big news. The announcement concerns ad blockers, and the Google Chrome changes dubbed Manifest V3, which may cause some ad blockers to break.

What is Max concurrent requests? ›

You can configure the maximum concurrent requests per instance. By default each Cloud Run container instance can receive up to 80 requests at the same time; you can increase this to a maximum of 1000. Although you should use the default value, if needed you can lower the maximum concurrency.

What is the maximum concurrent connections? ›

1,000,000 connection for the client. 1,000,000 connection for the server. 2 file descriptors per connection.

What is concurrent request limit? ›

The concurrent request limit attempts to ensure a positive user experience by limiting the number of synchronous Apex requests running for more than 5 seconds.

How many tabs open is too many? ›

To optimize your browser's performance, Lifehacker suggests keeping only nine tabs open—at most—at one time. With nine or fewer tabs, you're able to see everything that's open at a glance, and you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between them.

How do I close tabs in my brain? ›

What to do when your brain has too many tabs open
  1. Breathe. 'Keep breathing. ...
  2. Meditate. Easier said than done, I know! ...
  3. Move. Visualise Olivia Newton-John in the music video clip for 'Physical'. ...
  4. Remember the blink. The 'attentional blink' is a strategy I learnt from my sister, Melissa. ...
  5. Make friends with the tabs.

What is the difference between a tab and a window? ›

A tab is more or less same as a window. A window can contain several tabs and all session data and cookies are shared across all tabs and open window. It's better to open a lot of tabs than opening several windows because too many window becomes too cluttered to handle.

Can I open 1000 tabs in Chrome? ›

You can have an unlimited number of open tabs in Chrome, but after a dozen or so, you'll find you can't even see the header on each tab that lets you know what it is.

How many browser tabs does the average person have open? ›

Most users seem to keep an average of 10-20 tabs open at a time, with little reported slowdowns of speed and responsiveness. A user-generated code tested how many tabs could be open at once and indicated that a user could have as many as 9,000 tabs running simultaneously. Needless to say, that is far from recommended.

Can too many tabs cause Chrome to crash? ›

That's because Chrome also sometimes runs several tabs as the same process. And it runs extensions and plugins as separate processes, so you might see many more Chrome processes than you have tabs open. It's not great for memory and a large number of open tabs can crash Chrome.

What is a good number of sessions per user? ›

What is a good Sessions per User benchmark? The average Sessions per User benchmark is around 1.4 sessions per user. Additionally, the top 20% of websites report 1.6 sessions per user, while the top 10% report 1.9 sessions per user. This is based on a 2022 report from Littledata surveying more than 6k websites.

Can sessions be hacked? ›

After a user starts a session such as logging into a banking website, an attacker can hijack it. In order to hijack a session, the attacker needs to have substantial knowledge of the user's cookie session. Although any session can be hacked, it is more common in browser sessions on web applications.

Is sessions the same as visitors? ›

Yes, sessions and visits are the same things. A session in Google analytics is sometimes called a visit. Sessions are a set of users' interactions with your website over a given period.

What counts as a Web session? ›

A session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions.

What is difference between single session and multi session? ›

In basic terms, a single-session application means that a single instance of an application is loaded and this single instance is meant to interact with a single user. Traditional applications must be written to interact with users in a multi-session way.

Does session get shared between different browsers? ›

You can't share session between multiple browsers.

But session between multiple tabs of a same browser instance is already shared. Each browser has its own memory and they can't access each other memory so you can't do that.

How many open tabs is too many? ›

To optimize your browser's performance, Lifehacker suggests keeping only nine tabs open—at most—at one time. With nine or fewer tabs, you're able to see everything that's open at a glance, and you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between them.

Can having too many tabs open damage your computer? ›

Having too many tabs open takes up valuable system resources, which means your computer has to work harder. This can lead to slower performance and decreased battery life.

What is the most tabs opened at once? ›

There is no hard limit. The number of opened tabs depends on the amount of memory available but the browser will inevitable become laggy, unresponsive and may crash if you open several thousand tabs.


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