Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (2022)

Marshalls Jobs & Careers – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (1)

Application Shortcuts

  • How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Marshalls?
  • Does Marshalls Drug Test?

If you love home goods, fashion, and a good deal, then Marshalls careers might be a good fit for you. Read on to learn how to get hired at one of the most innovative retailers in the world.

Marshalls’ appeal is obvious. The off-price retailer features apparel, footwear, accessories and home goods. What’s more, the company is known for their work/life balance consciousness. They are also known for providing employees with great opportunities for job growth.

The following guide will share just a few current vacancies. We will walk you through the application process. We will also give you a little more insight about the company. That can help you get your foot in the door and become a part of the Marshalls family.

Whether it’s Retail Sales Associate, Merchandise Coordinator, Backroom Coordinator, or Human Resources Assistant, Marshalls is bursting with job opportunities. Keep reading to find out how to get your foot in the door and land a job with real potential for growth here.

Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (2)

Application Jumpstart

  • How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Marshalls?
  • Does Marshalls Drug Test?
(Video) Marshalls Job Application & Interview

Marshalls Jobs & Careers

Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (3)

    Most Marshalls applicants find their opportunities online. An extensive list of corporate and retail jobs is available on the Marshalls careers page, where an online form makes applying for a job easy.

    The parent company of Marshalls, TJX, has over 4,000 stores spread out over 3 countries and offers a wide range of jobs and careers, including:

    Retail Sales Associate

    As the core of the brick and mortar stores, Retail Sales Associates are the people who make sure everything is running smoothly each day.

    This is an entry-level job where you will deal with merchandise presentation, processing orders, updating markdowns, performing the role of cashier, and of course providing customer service including in the dressing room. This is a role for someone who enjoys greeting, interacting with, and thanking customers and has the flexibility to maintain multiple roles at once.

    If you love being in a retail environment and helping customers discover surprise deals, then this is the job for you. A nice bonus is the 10-20% employee discount you get on all Marshalls merchandise.

    Merchandise Coordinator

    This position is where a creative, take-the-lead type can really shine. The Merchandise Coordinator is the person who executes all merchandising plans and priorities on the floor and communicates with management and sales associates. This is also the person responsible for training Associates in proper merchandising procedures and markdowns.

    If you are a person who finds themselves drawn to exceptionally nice retail displays, enjoys wardrobe styling and loves communicating with others, this is the job for you.

    (Video) Top 5 Most Asked Marshalls Interview Questions and Answers

    Backroom Coordinator

    If you have a knack for organizing, coordinating, and communicating, this might be just the position you are looking for. Backroom Coordinators are the folks working behind the scenes. They account for every delivery truck’s contents and set up for merchandisers to take to the sales floor when the time comes.

    This is a job for a person with great organizational skills and a keen eye for detail. Good communications skills don’t hurt, either.

    If you have a knack for communicating and love sorting, organizing, and keeping track of things, then this is a wonderful fit for you.

    Customer Experience Coordinator

    If you have high standards for customer service and like to keep everyone happy, this this might be a place you could thrive. The Customer Experience Coordinator is the person on the front end responsible for operational controls and ensuring every customer walking out the door has had a top-notch experience.

    This is the person who trains all associates on customer service standards and audits and approves all front-end paperwork. This is a job for a stickler for detail and a slave to procedure who enjoys communication.

    If you love keeping processes on track, interacting with and training people, and enjoy a little responsibility, then this is a wonderful fit for you.

    Loss Prevention Detective

    Do you enjoy working independently and have an interest in criminal justice? You might enjoy this position. A Loss Prevention Detective at Marshalls wears a lot of hats, including conducting surveillance, making safety inspections, overseeing incoming shipments, monthly safety checks, parking enforcement, and so much more. If it involves safety, security, or investigation, the Loss Prevention Officer is on it.

    If you are a skilled communicator who likes enforcing the rules (in a good, friendly way) and keeping things on-track, then this is a great position for you. This is an entry-level job, but applicants with security or other relevant experience will be given preference.

    Human Resources Assistant

    If you are a problem solver with a couple of years of administrative experience (ideally in Human Resources), then this might be the opportunity for you. The Human Resources Assistant is responsible for strategizing with Human Resources and the Development teams who assist with managing day-to-day departmental operations.

    This role includes monitoring and ensuring proper payroll functions as well as assisting in new hire and associate benefit orientations. This is a job for someone with strong organization skills and effective planning and executing skills.

    (Video) Marshalls Interview - Associate

    If you love administration, working behind the scenes, and being a part of what makes a large organization run smoothly, then this could be just the fit for you. This job requires an Associates degree or higher.

    Marshalls Management Jobs

    Management jobs at Marshalls abound, and usually begin at the Assistant Store Manager. Assistant Store Managers work to help the Store Managers with merchandising, customer service, and human resources. They hire, train, supervise, and develop most of the team of hourly associates.

    This position also takes the lead in developing creative strategies to increase store sales. What this adds up to is someone with solid communication skills who enjoys multitasking and leadership.This is an amazing opportunity for someone with a couple of years of retail management experience who is looking to increase their responsibility.

    Assistant Managers are often promoted to Store Managers. They are responsible for store expense control and payroll to optimize business. They work with their staff on increased loss prevention security and ensuring great customer experiences. Store Managers also mentor Assistant Managers to help them move into Store Manager positions.

    They report to their District Managers. District Managers in charge of supervising 6 high volume retail stores in a district. They must be fully responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training Store Management.

    This role includes solving operational, management, and merchandising issues quickly and efficiently. Ideally, this is a person who has been working in big-box retail management. A natural leader who knows how to promote company culture and spots problems and fixes them before they become serious would thrive in this position.

    Seasonal Job Openings

    During the Christmas season (October-January), Marshalls hires Seasonal Retail Sales Associates to help with the busiest time of the year in retail. This is a great temporary opportunity that can be leveraged into a permanent job with the company.

    How Much Does Marshalls Pay (Hourly and Salary)?

    Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (4)
    Marshalls offers comparable pay with most retail jobs, and discounts on merchandise ranging from 10 to 20%. Part-time employees shouldn’t expect to receive huge benefits packages, but full-timers and salaried staff get health, dental, and vision benefits as well as a 401K, vacation and sick days, and management positions come with seasonal bonuses.

    They offer educational grants to college-bound employees who have been with the company for 2 years or more. They also give seasonal bonuses to some retail associates.

    Hourly pay for sales associates starts at $9/hour, rising up to $112,000/year for corporate-level management. To give you an idea of the industry standard: Forever 21 pays sales associates an average $9/hour, and Gap pays $10 on average. Some of the most popular jobs at Marshalls pay as follows:

    (Video) Marshalls Sales Associate Job

    • Seasonal Sales Associates: $9- $11/hour
    • Retail Sales Associates: $9- $11/hour
    • Merchandise Coordinator: $11 – $16/hour
    • Backroom Coordinator: $11 – $14/hour
    • Customer Experience Coordinator: $10- $12/hour
    • Loss-Prevention Detective: $12 – $17/hour
    • Human Resources Assistant: $28K – $45K
    • Assistant Store Manager:$36K – $57K
    • Store Manager: $51K – $84K
    • District Manager: $85K – $112K

    How Old do You Have to be to Work at Marshalls?

    Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (5)
    Generally, the minimum age to work at Marshalls is 16 for all retail sales positions. Many entry-level positions are filled by students, because of the flexible part-time hours available. Management jobs will require applicants to be 18, but are often hired from within from lower-level employees looking to advance.

    16-year-olds are welcome to apply for the positions of:

    • Seasonal Sales Associate
    • Retail Sales Associate
    • Customer Experience Coordinator

    Does Marshalls Drug Test?

    Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (6)
    Marshalls does ask their prospective employees to submit to a drug test. They typically do not conduct comprehensive background checks.

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    Possible Marshalls Interview Questions & Tips

    Marshalls Application | 2022 Job Requirements, Career & Interview Tips (7)
    So your application is in, and you’ve landed an interview. Fantastic! Now is the time to get yourself ready for primetime by studying up and preparing for the interview. These are some of the questions you should expect:

    Why Do You Want to Work at Marshalls?

    Huge tip: do not tell the interviewer that you need the money. Talk about the company culture and how it agrees with you. Explain that the opportunity for you to learn about the retail and customer service experience is something that you want.

    You will earn huge bonus points for mentioning that you appreciate the Marshalls promise of surprising their customers.

    What Do You Think it Takes to be Successful in Retail?

    Talk about well-trained staff who can easily assist customers, delivering excellent customer service, and of course the value of a product that people want to buy.

    What is Your Greatest Weakness?

    Bear in mind that Marshalls hiring staff doesn’t care about how much you like Twinkies. Now is your opportunity to admit a part of the job that you don’t have that much experience with, but are ready and willing to learn more about.

    If you are interviewing for a sales or management position, your main job will be to engage with customers and associates. They are testing you to see how you see yourself fitting into the company.

    (Video) How I Met Your Mother - Marshall Job Interview

    What is Your Definition of Customer Service?

    Don’t hesitate to use some examples of great customer service you have witnessed or provided. They want to know that you understand how to go above and beyond to make each customer feel special and cared for.

    How to Dress for Your Marshalls Interview

    Dress sharp, business casual, and make sure you are well-groomed. Marshalls offers a low-key sales environment with an emphasis on customer experience. So, you don’t want to look too “out there,” but you shouldn’t be afraid to allow a little of your personal style to come through.


    How do you answer Marshalls interview questions? ›

    Top 5 Most Asked Marshalls Interview Questions and Answers - YouTube

    How long is an interview at Marshalls? ›

    Retail: One interview lasting 15 to 30 minutes. Either a one-on-one with the hiring manager or a group interview. During a group interview, a set of applications (perhaps eight to ten candidates) will be assembled together and asked questions about their resumes, and given mock customer service scenarios to play out.

    What should I bring to a Safeway interview? ›

    If selected for an in-store job interview, applicants should arrive early and dress in business-casual attire. Men should wear button-down shirts and dress pants. Ties are encouraged. Women should wear appropriate and professional looking blouses with a skirt or slacks.

    Is it hard to get hired at Marshalls? ›

    Easy to get hired. Nearly impossible to get fired. Couple of weeks min a month. people are constantly leaving cause they realize what a horrible place this is and so they always need more people to hire.

    What questions do Marshalls ask at an interview? ›

    Interview questions at Marshalls

    Basic Questions such as: Tell me about yourself ? Why you want to work at Marshall's? My Availability ?

    How do you get hired at Marshalls? ›

    The Job Application

    You can preferably fill and then get your application form submitted online through the company's career portal. Or, you can choose to go for the printable Marshalls employment form by downloading, filling, and submitting it in person at one of the department store that is within your reach.

    How do you know if you got hired at Marshalls? ›

    A couple days . You get called for an interview and after that they will call and let you know if you got hired, if you did get hired they will ask you to bring your documents and fill out some papers then sign them. It took 4 months with 3 different interviews.

    How long does it take to hear back from Marshalls after applying? ›

    Day after submitting application. Call backs take about 2-4 days. It will usually takes about 2 months to 3 months for them to get back to you depending on if they're are hiring and how many applications they're getting in.

    How do you answer why should I hire you? ›

    “Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.

    How do you answer why should we hire you? ›

    How to Answer Why Should We Hire You
    1. Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. ...
    2. Highlight that you'll fit in and be a great addition to the team. ...
    3. Describe how hiring you will make their life easier and help them achieve more.
    Jul 8, 2022

    Why should we hire you examples? ›

    For starters, I have all the skills and experience listed in the job description, and I'm confident that I can make an immediate impact on your company. It's not just my background in leading successful projects for Fortune 500 companies, but also my passion for the industry that drives me to succeed.

    Why should we hire you Safeway? ›

    Why should you work at Safeway? Our employees enjoy competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a positive work environment built on mutual respect and professionalism. Our comprehensive benefits are part of a total compensation package that helps you today — and helps you plan actively for tomorrow.

    Does Safeway drug test in Washington? ›

    All Safeway stores do drug testing. Oral Drug Tests are administered during your interview with the District Recruiter. Drug tests may or may not be administered for Courtesy Clerks, but all other positions conduct these tests before hire.

    What is the Safeway uniform? ›

    Dark pants/jeans, black shoes, safeway issued polo, and (if required for position) safeway issued hat and apron.

    Why should I work at Marshalls? ›

    Marshall's is an awesome company to work for! Fast hiring process, decent benefits. employees get 10% off retail, on special events 20%. healthcare for full-time associates.

    How long does Marshalls take to hire? ›

    A couple days . You get called for an interview and after that they will call and let you know if you got hired, if you did get hired they will ask you to bring your documents and fill out some papers then sign them. It took 4 months with 3 different interviews.

    Why do you want this job? ›

    Talk about specific examples of how you can help this company achieve their goals and highlight any relevant transferrable skills that will make you stand out as the right candidate. Write down any recent achievements you can talk about or any challenges you've faced recently that might be related to this new job.

    How long is Marshalls orientation? ›

    Marshalls orientations last between two to three hours.


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