The Mess, Stress and Bests of ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2 (2022)

The Mess, Stress and Bests of ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2 (1)

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So, did Shake show up?

By Ariana Romero

Sept 16, 2022

TheLove Is BlindSeason 2crew is back.After the Altar checks back in with the pod squad — includingmarried pairs like Iyanna and Jarrette and singles like Deepti and Kyle — as they celebrate one year of life after theirLove Is Blindexperiment. This time though, it’s Natalie’s 30th birthday trip to Michigan, which includes a winery jaunt and ’80s-themed bash, which brings (almost) everyone together. Keep reading for a full guide to all the drama that is revealed overAfter the Altar’s three episodes, from “secret relationship” allegations to marriage woes.

Mess: What is goingonwith Deepti and Kyle?

Eagle-eyedLove Is Blindfans have been picking upvibesbetweenDeepti and Kyle since Season 2 began airing in February 2022, thanks to their overlapping social media presences.During the reunion following the finale, the pair made the speculation canon, with Kyle admitting he “should have tried harder” for Deepti and wished he had proposed toherinstead of Shaina.

After the Altartakes the flirty atmosphere many, many, many steps further. Deepti and Kyle open the series walking out of a grocery store looking very much like a couple. They coordinate outfits, and Deepti plans to steal Kyle’s sweaters like a girlfriend would. But they swear things are messier than that. “I love her to death. We’re in a weird situation. It’s complicated,” Kyle reveals during a boys’ night with Shayne and Jarette. Deepti says, “I want to be around [Kyle] all the time” and calls their connection a “situationship.”

The Mess, Stress and Bests of ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2 (2)

Both repeatedly agree there’s unconsumated “sexual tension,” but they’re afraid to ruin a thriving best friendship for the unpredictability of passion or romance (save for a “little” pre-filming kissing). Yet, by the end, they seem to put those reservations aside. Kyle — who tells cameras he “loves” Deepti — asks her to be “exclusive” and Deepti agrees. They hug on Kyle’s balcony, and Deepti says she’s going to be Kyle’s girlfriend. In a confessional, she says she could see Kyle as her “husband” and “lifelong partner.”

Stress: inside Iyanna and Jarette’s marriage

As a farewell card at the end ofAfter the Altarsays,Iyanna and Jarrette filed for divorce following filming. The follow-up series lays out the particular stressors affecting the marriage. The core problem is lifestyle differences. Jarrette has picked up shifts doing nightlife security and bartending, leading him to be out “four days a week” partying with his friends. “The biggest thing is overindulging when I’m out. Because once I have one, two drinks, I want to keep the party going,” he explains. Homebody Iyanna is deeply unhappy with the situation, calling it “immature.” So, duringAfter the Altar, she packs her things and moves out of their home.

“I love you as a person, but sometimes I don’t see the value of having you as a partner,” she tells Jarrette, wondering if their marriage is a “mistake” — or something that should be fought for. Iyanna also doesn’t line up with Jarrette, who is five years older, when it comes to kids. While he wants to wait two yearsmaximumto start growing their family, Iyanna says that number is theminimum amount of time it would take for her to be ready.

“Jarrette Jr. [is] not coming soon,” she tells her husband. “Jarrette Jr. [is] still in the clouds with the Lord, looking down, saying, ‘It’s not my time.’ [Let’s] close this uterus up.”

More stress: Iyanna and Jarrette’s family dinner

Jarrette and Iyanna’s marriage difficulties become a familywide discussion when they go out to dinner with their parents. This is the first time since the wedding that all three couples have been in the same space. Again, Jarrette says he’s been “overindulging” while clubbing with his friends (this word comes up repeatedly). The elder couples heap advice on Jarrette and Iyanna.

Tim, Jarrette’s dad, tells him that his so-called pals are “sabotaging” him because they’re jealous of what Jarrette has. Jennifer, Iyanna’s mom, asks Jarrette if he actuallywantsto be a better husband, pointing out how many things he says he “needs” to do — without changing. “Too many people in [Iyanna’s] life said, ‘I love you’... and when push came to shove, they threw her away,” she says. Iyanna also gets some homework, with Jennifer telling her daughter she must give Jarrette the “complete opportunity” to amend his behavior if she plans to stay in the marriage.

The Mess, Stress and Bests of ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2 (3)

The emotional meeting crescendos with Jennifer pulling Jarrette aside after dinner to tell him “too many people have let [Iyanna] down.” She mentions receiving a 7 a.m. call from Iyanna where her daughter looked unbearably “sad.” “I can’t get another call like that. I need you to cherish her and love her. I promise you she’s worth it,” Jennifer urges.

Iyanna endsAfter the Altar returning home to Jared. She promises to be a “soft landing pad” for her husband.

Doing their best: Nick and Danielle’s anniversary

Nick and Danielle are the other couple whose divorce is confirmed by the card from the end ofAftertheAltar. Yet the couple seems ultimately content during this time period. Nick has fully integrated into Danielle’s family and often hangs out with her mom and sister without his wife. Nick swears he loves parties as much as Danielle and threw “years” of themed soirées before he ever met his spouse. He even offers a kind explanation for sweating so much at his wedding, saying the cause was “spicy feta.”

The couple endsAfter the Altarrevealing they orbited each other for years before theLove Is Blindexperiment, including the time Nick interviewed for a job at Danielle’s dad’s company. “I wanna end every night just like this,” Nick says in bed with Danielle, their dog and their cat. In a confessional describing their lives together, Danielle cries happy tears.

Mess: Unraveling the story of Natalie-Shayne-Shaina

As withLove Is BlindSeason 2’s original run — and the explosive reunion — the relationship between Natalie, Shayne and Shaina takes center stage inAfter the Altar. With a lot of gossip being thrown around, let’s dig through theRashomon-esque spectrum of perspectives.

The Mess, Stress and Bests of ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2 (4)

Natalie:She says the door to a reconciliation with ex-fiancé Shayne is closed “forever,” and there’s no trust between them. The reason for this permanent doubt, according to Natalie, is Shaina. Natalie tells her co-stars she found months of (now deleted) “flirtatious messages” between Shayne and Shaina on Instagram, which were allegedly sent while Shayne was dating Natalie and Shaina was dating her new man, Christos. “There’s just comments on what would have happened if they ended up together. How wild their sex life would be,” she claims. “I think she was in a secret relationship with Shayne. She continues to lie and be dishonest, and when confronted with the truth, [she] continues to either deflect or deny it.” Natalie questions whether she should inform Christos, who’s Shaina’s date to Natalie’s birthday party, of her suspicions.

Shaina: Shaina denies all allegations. “I never liked Shayne. Never wanted Shayne,” she says, calling Natalie’s accusations “rumors,” “slander” and “petty high school bullshit.” Shaina is far more focused on Christos, who’s her fiancé by the time of Natalie’s birthday party. Shaina and Christos met three years earlier, but could only make things work now. “[Christos] is the love of my life and I’m so happy. I want little babies running around,” she says. Christos mentions he has seen messages between Shayne and Shaina and is nonplussed.

Shayne:Shayne says he’s never had sex with Shaina and also suggests the messages do not exist. “[Natalie] has these magnificent, fart-in-the-wind DMs. If they’re out there, please show everyone. I have nothing to hide,” he says. Shayne is upset the DM gossip started at a party he didn’t attend because he couldn’t defend himself. He calls Natalie “calculating,” adding, “When it comes to Natalie, if I blinked at Shaina, it would probably be scandalous. She was never able to move on from [our past].” Shayne chews on the idea of moving to Panama and repeatedly says he’s not dating. Still, he and Shaina are not afraid to stir the pot. They endAfter the Altar taking a selfie together to start some harmless “drama.”

Kyle:While Shaina’s ex recognizes Natalie’s “super professional front,” Kyle does say she can also be an “instigator” behind the scenes. Hm.

Everyone else:Deepti, Mallory, Danielle and Nick all say they haven’t seen any “texts” between Shayne and Shaina. In a confessional, Natalie reiterates she’s talking about “messages” — not, specifically, text messages.

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Stress: Sal is joined by his new girlfriend. (Or is it fiancée?)

Sal brings his new girlfriend Jessi on Natalie’s birthday trip. “I’m feeling a little anxious. It’s an uncomfortable situation,” Sal’s ex, Mallory, says. She admits it’s awkward to have to continuously spend time with your former fiancé after he rejected you at the altar. Sal, on the other hand, is elated to have Jessi with him, saying, “She is such a firecracker. If she is in a room, youknowthat she is in the room… I’ve never had more fun with anyone else.” Ouch.

Mallory mostly wants to be removed from the narrative all together, saying, “Jessi seems really sweet. But I don’t think it’s necessary to really get to know my ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend. I think anyone can relate. Sal moved on. I don’t have anyone like that. It’s just hard.”

Although Sal is unhappy about Mallory “keeping her distance” and “putting up her walls” during their interactions, he says his full attention is on Jessi. So much so, Sal has a conversation with his sisters Daisy and Victoria about proposing to Jessi. Both siblings tell Sal to “take his time” making a decision as big as engagement. The thing is, Sal already bought a ring. He shows the bauble to his sisters and they tear up. But, we never learn duringAfter the Altarif Sal actually pops the question.

Doing her Best: Mallory refutes Sal’s “drunk” tale.

Sal drops what he considers a bombshell about his courtship with Mallory, detailing an alleged experience that occurred a week before their wedding. According to Sal, he and Mallory had a shopping date planned and she never showed up. “The last phone call that I got from her, she was slurring her words,” he claims. On the walk home, Sal says he saw a man near the apartment throw out a cup of coffee from his car. “I hear someone say, ‘That’s my coffee.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that sounded a lot like Mallory,’ ” Sal continues. “I look into the car, and Mallory is in there with some random guy. Just, drunk.”

Mallory denies this story, saying she “didn’t stand Sal up that day at all” and her ex may have “misunderstood” the situation because she was with a guy friend. “I was out with friends, because I hadn’t seen them in a while... We talked about it. This is somebody I’ve known most of my life and who is one of my closest friends,” she says. “Wow, anything to play the victim.”

Earlier inAfter the Altar, Mallory does get introspective about her approach to relationships, admitting, “I made it really hard for people to get close to me. I’m not the most affectionate person. I’m not the most vulnerable person.” Mallory says she wants to get “better” at opening up. Natalie, for her part, says Mallory “did really love” Sal.

Bless: Shake stays home.

Despite Shake’s appearance intheAfter the AltarSeason 2 trailer, Deepti’s ex does not join his fellow pod stars in the actual episodes. In fact, the cast rarely mentions him.

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